While it saddens me that he won get to cover the final

Star Trek: The Next Generation, episode “The Survivors”: Acting on a distress call, the Enterprise encounters a desolate world where the inhabitants who sent the SOS signal have been annihilated by an alien race, the Husnock. There’s just one thing out of place: a quaint little spotless cottage belonging to an elderly human couple, the only survivors on the entire planet. How they remain there alive with everyone else dead remains a mystery until Picard figures things out at the end: Only one of them survived the attack. The woman is an illusion and the man isn’t even human. He’s an incredibly powerful entity called a Douwd, possibly nearly as powerful a Q. He was also a pacifist, who refused to fight with the colonists. When his wife was killed along with the other colonists, he lashed out in anger and annihilated not only their assailants, but also the entire 50 billion members of the Husnock species. He voluntarily isolated himself to atone for his crime.

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high quality designer replica handbags Anthony had an uncanny ability to distill amazingly complex issues into fascinating stories that jumped off the page. His story telling was with little, if any compare. Anthony didn just report events in the Middle East, he sought them out and lived them side by side the people every day. While we didn always see eye to eye, I valued our friendship and the laughs we inevitably share at the end of a long day. Anthony professionalism and dedication to the art of journalism are a fitting testament to a man who oftentimes disregarded personal safety in order to cover the people and events that will forever shape the Middle East. While it saddens me that he won get to cover the final chapters of the Arab Spring, his fingerprints have left an indelible impression on the region, and in the hearts his family, friends, colleagues and the millions of readers who followed his reporting. The journalistic community has lost a good friend and colleague who will never be replaced, but his legacy will forever be etched in the pages he wrote and the stories he told. high quality designer replica handbags

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