While Lohan might be heading to jail

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Hermes Replica Bags There were three other actors, and then Carrie, Harrison and myself. And there was never a mix or a match. You go with one team or another. LIVE TVON NOWIn any good jail drama, there’s always someone waiting on the other side. In Lindsay Lohan’s case, it’s the director of her pornstar biopic who is going to wait it out while she does her time.While Lohan might be heading to jail, the brains behind the independently financed “Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story” say they’ll be waiting for the troubled star even if it means a production delay into 2011 and beyond, according to the Los Angeles Times.Lohan’s sentencing to 90 days in jail and a subsequent 90 days in a drug rehab facility would normally mean big trouble for the already troubled career of the once promising child star. But “Inferno” director Matthew Wilder communicated his willingness to stick it out for Lohan to the Times through an email.”Not moving on, not re casting, not under any circumstances,” Wilder Designer Replica Hermes said, adding that the production is “fully financed, prepared to go” but was nonetheless “fully committed to Lindsay.”Lindsay Lohan’s Highs and LowsIt’s not to say that Lohan’s career has not suffered due to her erratic behavior in the past years. Hermes Replica Bags

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