While Raw had well known veterans at the center of things

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Replica Designer Handbags October is National Bully Prevention Month. There is nothing that can be done to save Amanda Todd now, of course, but it might be able to help others with similar stories. The statistics are sobering for parents, for teens and for others. In 2002, following the company’s acquisition of WCW and ECW, the rather bloated WWE roster was split into two brands: the Raw brand and the SmackDown brand. While Raw had well known veterans at the center of things, SmackDown became unique in that it built up new blood, shaping the future of the company (as well as hosting WWE’s former Cruiserweight division); eventually, WWE’s third brand (the “revival” of ECW) began to function in this manner by introducing new talent, while SmackDown showcased both relatively new talent and veterans alike. Thanks to the brand extension arguably working in its favor, SmackDown is rarely considered a B Show now; in fact, several members of the IWC consider it either at the same level as or better than Raw (which would end up happening again after the roster was once more split in 2016).. Replica Designer Handbags

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