While some people take a direct hit

The geese landed in the environment and through just normal eating or grooming in that environment, they ingested the E. Study ” posted on the CDC’s Emerging Infectious Diseases website ” concludes that Canada geese could spread the pathogens.”This species could serve to disperse bacteria between widely separated locations,” warned the study, to be published in the June issue of a medical journal called Emerging Infectious Diseases.”In addition, since these birds use farm ponds and waste lagoons and graze on pastures inhabited by cattle and other livestock, the opportunities exist for new health problems in wildlife populations to emerge.”Weese, who studies diseases that can pass between humans and animals, said that scientists have recently realized that some pathogens previously thought to cheap canada goose http://www.cheapcanadagoose.com/ cheap canada goose be found either in animals or in humans are actually found in both.However, he said the study shouldn’t spark panic. The kinds of bugs found in the birds, E.

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